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Beyond Academics

House System

Excursions & Tours

At, Academic Heights, we believe that trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s horizons. This is the reason that we have organized weekly short trips for our students to promote a rich learning experience through outdoor interaction and communication. We want them to appreciate the beauty of nature and get exposed to a myriad of cultures and numerous geographical regions.

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Activity Calendar

Activity Calendar - Academic Heights Public School

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Sports & Games

Grand and spectacular Annual Sports is held every year in the month of November which marks the culmination of all the sports events held throughout the year. Regular march past practices, practice for track and field events are done regularly all through the year.

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Music and Dance

Our vision is to make the learning of all styles of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting to children. The students are trained for various programs, school functions, and stage shows. We follow a structured music training program. Hindustani vocal is provided to the students from early years of joining.

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Theatre/Acting/Media Room

Art & Craft

The School offers classes on a regular basis to hone the artistic skills of the students. Students work and learn in a well-equipped art room. Workshops and classes are offered in ceramics, fiber, metals/jewelry, painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, books, and paper.

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Yoga and Meditation

There are a myriad of benefits of Yoga if performed in a correct manner and with right postures. Yoga helps in maintaining a perfect harmony in both heart and mind. Yoga improves the flexibility of the body and builds muscle strength. It also prevents cartilage and joint breakdown besides maintaining your body posture.

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Nurture with Nature