Excursions & ToursExcursions & Tours

At, Academic Global, we believe that trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s horizons. This is the reason that we have organized weekly short trips for our students to promote a rich learning experience through outdoor interaction and communication. We want them to appreciate the beauty of nature and get exposed to a myriad of cultures and numerous geographical regions.

Being a student, when you travel, you expand your learning horizon and with our fun educational tours and excursion, we provide our student education with pleasure. We provide tailor-made excursions for the students to facilitate them and make them understand the real, multicultural world. Our planned activities act as stimulators to help kids think out of the box and broaden their outlook towards the world.

We discreetly plan various educational trips to facilitate students something which is beyond their textbooks. Our trips are not only educational and serious but involve a lot of fun and enthusiasm. In other words, these trips give relief to the students and teachers from their hectic schedule and provide a chance to make a strong bond.

We organize the exotic excursion every year besides planned visits to numerous famous places, enriching students and taking them beyond the walls of classroom.

Let’s have a look at places, we plan short trips to. These are:

Exploring Delhi

Children, when exposed to new experiences, get aroused for the outside world. That is why we encourage our students to explore the unknown and learn about the outside world. We want them to gain confidence to win over the whole world and come out of their books. Our Delhi exploration trip includes visit to National Museum, Aeroplanet, Qutub Minar, Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Planetarium, trade fair, and many more.

Our National Trips

We aim to offer our students impeccable practical knowledge and hands-on experience besides theoretical knowledge by organizing various interesting tours which are the part of their curriculum. The motive behind organizing these trips is to teach them a lesson of real life in minimum time period. Our visits include Chokhi Dhani, Pratapgarh, Agra, Jaipur, Shimla, and Jim Corbett National Park, and other places. All the destination places are different from one another by cultural practices, rituals, life style, language, food, clothes, etc. These destinations can give our growing leaders an opportunity to comprehend and embrace the cultural and regional diversities.

Our International Trips

Our planned international trips are as much fun as our national trips. We don’t want our students get confined to the textual boundaries and boost up their knowledge by visiting various exotic places such as an educational trip to Canada, Switzerland, Paris, New York, USA, UK, France, etc. The international excursions help the students to accentuate their visual and oral skills.