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Studies have shown that maximum brain development of a child happens in its formative years. Our approach ensures all aspects of your child’s growth is taken care of with warmth and affection.

In an increasingly competitive world, it pays to have even a slight advantage. To cater to this need, we’ve adopted an approach that stimulates the power of thinking and assimilation. The students in response feel enthusiastic about learning and as a consequence move ahead towards success.

Our education pedagogy for pre primary children is designed to focus on language development, math skills, knowledge and humanities, general awareness, creative arts and crafts, and music helping each child develop a polished personality at a tender age.


A refined personality is a result of proper grooming. At AGS, we look to inculcate the best moral values and social etiquette, resulting in children with impeccable character.

A skills and activities based approach forms the backbone of our teaching methodology. Emphasis is put on public speaking, interpersonal and communication skills, and team work. Our dedicated faculty members follow a child-centric approach, providing kids ample opportunities to learn and also apply what they have learnt. Heavy emphasis is given to holistic growth, thus personality building forms an integral part of their education design.

With this, a strong foundation is laid for students to go on and become global achievers in whichever field they choose.


Our high school curriculum stresses on developing professionals out of students by instilling in them a career oriented approach to academics.

Every child has innate capabilities that help him/her shine. Our expert faculty provides the right guidance to bring out these latent qualities, transforming the student into a successful individual. AGS Syllabus is a unique one with an orientation of enabling the students take up to the task of getting selected for the Prestigious IIT, NIT, AIIMS and other Medical and Engineering Institutes and other streams with ease and comfort.

We have devised a Curriculum to integrate the components of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology which are needed for the various Entrance Exams.

This makes them study their present syllabus in depth with the help of the Micro Level Teaching, providing them the chance of improving their performance in the current Class in which they are studying.


It is time when the mind and the soul need to come together to fight against circumstances. This means a fusion of sound knowledge and spirit.

AGS makes lives of students better by integrating preparatory coaching with regular Board Syllabus. Students are prepared to study in the best institutions across the country – IIT, NIT, AIIMS etc. in the fields of Engineering and Medicine; CA / ICWA / CS in the field of Accountancy. Students who step out of AGS learn to chase careers and not jobs. They grow tough – mentally.