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Safety & SecuritySafety & Security

Every child in the school is someone’s entire world….

The safety measures must enable the children to experience a wide range of activities safely and not prevent them from taking part in them. The schools also must prepare the children to understand and manage risks that are a part of everyday life. At AGS we strive to enable and prepare the students for life in safe havens.


The school is under CCTV surveillance 24X7X365.There are currently 100 camera units installed on the campus. There is a Central Monitoring Room where a security supervisor is stationed on duty. There is an additional screen in the office of the Principal. Cameras are strategically placed on the outer perimeter of the school which also shows the footage of persons attempting to gain entry inside the premises and especially covers people standing outside the main gate.

The following areas of the School Building are under CCTV surveillance:

  • All Corridors and Staircases
  • Sports Rooms, Computer Labs, Dance and Music Rooms.
  • Entrance to Classrooms
  • Entrance to Toilets
  • Sports Fields
  • Bus Parking bays
  • Entry and Exit point of School Premises
  • Library & School Auditorium
  • School buses


Entry/Exit of all persons/ visitors in the school is logged clearly with their in and out times specified, so that at any point, there is a clear record of both insiders and outsiders present on the premises. An electronic record of all staff reporting for duty (in and out times) is maintained by the school. Daily attendance of students is recorded by the class teachers at the beginning of each day. The same can be checked by the parent on the student portals of the school. Each visitor on the premises has a valid identity card stating ‘VISITOR PASS’ clearly. There is only one entry/exit point to the premises. Access to areas like sports rooms/fields, toilets is confined to persons whose presence in the area is required, and therefore have specifically authorized access to these areas. For the bus drivers and conductors, whether employed by the school or on contract, access area is limited to just the bus parking bays and a Driver’s room with facility of drinking water and washroom. Specific instructions in writing have been given to them about areas that are out of bounds. Special care has been taken to ensure proper sealing and monitoring of areas which are unoccupied or used less often. These areas are covered by CCTV and the Vigilance officer takes round of such areas every now and then to ensure that safety is not compromised.


  • No candidate with a criminal record of sexual and/or physical violence has been recruited for any position within the school.
  • All selected candidates provide a signed affidavit to the institution that they have not been accused of offences under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act 2012, the JJ (Juvenile Justice, Care & Protection of Children) Act 2000 and any other sexual and/or violent crimes under any other provision of law that has been in force.
  • At the time of being given the appointment letter, all candidates are presented with a copy of the school's Child Protection Policy Document and Code of Conduct, and are required to sign it in acceptance.
  • The Teaching/ Non Teaching staff of the school is in the process of undergoing police verification.


The school is diligent in carrying out Safety Drills for Disaster Management conducted every quarter. Every area has a Fire Extinguisher and the staff has been trained in the use of the same. The school conducts mock drills from time to time.