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Health and HygieneHealth and Hygiene

Health Monitoring

In order to address the basic and necessary health supplements or materials to our students, we have a school dispensary which is being run by an on-site and qualified nurse to manage and assess any health issue that may arise during the school hours.

The responsibilities of nurses:

  • Medically entertain the students who are injured or become ill at school.
  • Administers first-aid and other emergency nursing measures.
  • Provides the medical attention whenever necessary.
  • Secures and carries out medically approved written instructions for care of sick and injured learners.
  • Perform numerous screening activities.
  • Provides instructions to learners and parents in subjects such as nutrition, rest and relaxation, communicable diseases and home healthcare.


A healthy body and mind is necessary for the students to learn and explore and that’s why AGS brings safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

  • AGS understands that there are a lot of architectural and aesthetic aspects which are related to the hygiene that the school takes care of such as school’s building plan, safe water supply, and deposition of waste materials.
  • The school has adopted a myriad of cleanliness measures to ensure hygiene and health.
  • On every floor, the housekeeping is being maintained by the teachers. Washrooms for students and teachers have been renovated and there are classrooms and corridors, dusted and cleaned painstakingly.
  • There is a provision of RO on every floor for safe and clean drinking water.
  • We have a doctor and nurses to maintain a healthy environment in the school who take care of the health needs of the students and teachers.
  • The students are taught about the importance of personal hygiene and awareness through audio-visual presentations and other activities.
  • Specialist doctors are invited to interact with the students and make them aware of hygiene, good diet habits, and the importance of physical activities.
  • Perform regular medical check-up of all the students.