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Best Career Counselling School in Gorakhpur

In general, students in India are not aware of the variety of career choices available to them. Because of this forced unfamiliarity, students fall prey to social pressure and take up one of the two dominant career choices: Engineering or Medicine. Academic Global School, the Best Career Counselling School in Gorakhpur, empowers students to make informed choices for a successful future. Our expert counselors provide personalized guidance, helping students identify their passions, strengths, and career goals. With a comprehensive approach, we ensure every student embarks on a fulfilling and prosperous career path. At AGS, we take special care to help children to handle the pressure, the stress of academics, adolescent problems and depression. In many cases, students are not aware of what courses to study in order to gain functional and theoretical experience for a particular job. However, parents are highly concerned about their child's careers and are willing to sacrifice their personal well-being in order to provide quality education for their children.

Academic Global School has established a career counseling Cell of experts for our students. We are designing self-assessment tools to determine the strengths and areas of improvement for students, in addition to providing guidance and mentoring to them. It rests on the belief that an individual's intellectual and personal growths are both complementary and inextricably linked. It is this ethos that underpins the role of our Counselor, where mutual respect and human potential are emphasized in every aspect of schooling. The Counseling team is an integral part of Academic Global School and provides proactive character development programs for all individuals. Our aim is to enhance and support intellectual, social and emotional growth through a caring and balanced environment, as well as provide counseling for learners who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. The Counseling team also communicates, co-operates and collaborates with parents and other professionals to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to achieve school success. Class teachers are responsible for the care and safety of all the learners in their class. However in order to promote a culture of respect throughout the school there is a joint responsibility of care from all staff members towards the learners.