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Mistakes To Avoid In Olympiad Exams Mistakes To Avoid In Olympiad Exams

Mistakes To Avoid In Olympiad Exams

Olympiad exams are the type of competitive examinations, these exams are conducted by various organisations. The aim of these exams is to develop the logical and critical thinking ability of the students at an early age. If you are searching for the best institute for olympiad training in Gorakhpur, Academic Global School will be the best option for you.

Not Following a Planned Strategy

Most of the students attempt exams without any pre-planned strategy. A pre-planned strategy helps boost the score. Do not attempt the hard questions in your first go. Start with the easy questions and leave the hard ones for a second or third go. Another big mistake that students make in the examination hall is they spend too much time on a single question. Let us tell you that there are some questions in the paper which are set only to waste the time of the candidates. These questions are known as a speed breaker. You should be smart enough to recognise such types of questions.

Not Going Through The Question Paper Once

Most of the students start solving the questions as they receive the question paper. But this is a wrong strategy. Solving the questions in a sequential order has more disadvantages than advantages. Let us explain this with the help of an example. Suppose you start solving from the first question and unfortunately you do not know the answer of that question, you skipped it and go to the next one, but you also do not know the answer of the second one. This creates a fear in you inside the examination hall and you will become nervous at the exam. Coming to the second disadvantage of this strategy. If you start attempting the questions in a row, you may miss the higher mark questions due to the shortage of time.

So, what is the correct strategy for attempting a question paper? After receiving the question paper, do not start attempting it immediately. First read all the questions. This is called the pre-scanning of the question paper. Reading all the questions will let you know which questions you have to attempt first.

Reading Incomplete Question

This is another mistake which most of the students do while attempting the exam. They do not read the complete question and start attempting it. Due to which they mark the wrong answer to it or they have to read the same question several numbers of times.

Ignoring the Previous Year Papers

Before attempting the exam, it is mandatory to solve the previous year papers. Previous year papers are beneficial for the students who are going to attempt the olympiad for the first time. By analysing the previous year papers, students can know the pattern of the examination and the level of the questions.

Marking the Answer to the Wrong Question Number in OMR Sheet

In a hurry, students generally make a mistake of marking the answer to the wrong question number in the OMR sheet. Hence, it is advised that before marking your answer in the OMR sheet, confirm the question number.


Let’s summarize the central idea of the article:

  • Always attempt your olympiad exam with a relaxed mind.
  • Never waste too much time on a single question.
  • Previous year question papers are the key.
  • Read all the questions before attempting the paper.
  • Do not get nervous in the examination hall.

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