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Importance of Career Counseling Importance of Career Counseling

Importance of Career Counseling

Career counseling is an important part of the academic and for the overall growth of the students. However, it is often overlooked or ignored by a large section of the population. Career counseling is the professional advice on a student's career path based on their academic performance, aptitude, and interest. Career counseling allows children to better understand their prospects and act accordingly. Career counseling provides the students with the path to walk on and actionable tips to reach the goal. Academic Global School is one of the Best CBSE Schools in Gorakhpur that provides the student with career counseling from a very early age. The school has established a cell of experts for the students; they also design self-assessment tools to determine the strength and area of improvement for students. In addition, the school also provides guidance and meteors to the students. 

Benefits of Career Counseling

1. Assessing strengths and weaknesses:

Every child is special in their own way. It is just that if they are provided with a career counseling process they can do much better in the field they are good at. All children are like fingerprints. Each of them is unique and all of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Career counseling makes use of different tools and techniques to analyze each child's strength, and area of interest that will suit them better. This may include SWOT analysis i.e, strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. This method helps the students gain insight and better understand themselves. This helps the students to select the profession where they are successful and happy too.

2. Managing expectation:

Many times students undergo a lot of pressure when it comes to taking admission in college. Often students aim for the Importance of Career Counseling to provide an honest and supportive space to discuss their expectations and help them set their realistic and achievable goal. This helps the students to understand themselves better and act accordingly. 

3. Goes beyond a degree:

Choosing the right academic degree is just the start of a professional career. In this vast developing environment, career opportunities have also increased. There are more than 300 career paths and more than 1000 occupations to choose from. The importance of career counseling for students is that it helps them to understand what lies beyond their degrees and college applications. Career counseling helps the students to prepare for their long-term plans and achieve their goals. 

4. Provides confidence:

Many students feel a lack of guidance if they do not have the real-life role models they can look up to. Career counseling helps the student to meet with the right mentor and fellow student. This helps them clear their doubts and feel more confident in their area. Career counselors, themself can provide ample support and uplift the student’s spirit by motivating them to achieve their goals. 

Education plays an important role in a student’s life, but it is not the only factor in making the right career choice. There are several factors that a student should consider when making a future plan. Academic Global School is one of the best Schools in Gorakhpur that provides career counseling to students. The counseling team of the school communicates, cooperates, collaborates with parents, and other professionals to ensure that all the learners have the opportunity to achieve school success.also, the school has well experienced and well-trained staff. Class teachers are responsible for the care and all the safety of all the children. However, in order to promote a culture of respect throughout the school, there is a joint responsibility of care from all the staff members towards the learner.