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Are You Excited To Be In Googles Top Ranked School In Gorakhpur Are You Excited To Be In Googles Top Ranked School In Gorakhpur

Are You Excited To Be In Googles Top Ranked School In Gorakhpur

Ranking on the first page of Google is a matter of achievement to celebrate and at the same time, it's even harder to maintain. Google considers more than 200 factors for ranking. And this is a dynamic that keeps changing over some time. Even google maintains a secret from a scammer for security reasons. 

People's trust makes Academic Global School the top 3 ranked Schools in Gorakhpur. The school fraternity is grateful to the people of Gorakhpur and is committed to serving them world-class.

The awarded school in eastern UP

 Academic Global School has won several awards in the field of education. In 2018 it won India Education Icon Award and in the same year also won the Brainfeed school excellence award. In the next year, the 2019-20 session secured 4th rank and was awarded the Education world award. 

Management System. 

Management of the school is the driver of the whole learning ecosystem. There are four key persons in the management system. 

Er. Sanjeev Kumar is the chairman of the school. He is a graduate of IIT Dhanbad, one of the prestigious institutions in India. After graduation, he left his bright career in the mining industry and joined the education field by teaching IIT-JEE aspirants. He is also the founder of MOMENTUM leading coaching Institute in eastern UP. 

The director of the school is Mr Rajesh Kumar. He is a management graduate of Thames valley university, United Kingdom. He is determined to deliver world-class education in Gorakhpur. 

Mr Sandip Kumar is the Associate director of the system. He has MBA in finance, MA in history and BA in Education. 

Mrs Karuna Bhadari has done a degree in MBA, Human resources Management and she is passionate about the overall development of Students. 

The campus Life: memory factory to bond together. 

Our school has a campus of 3 acres located in the greenery of eastern UP. It has the best hostel facilities in Gorakhpur so that students from different walks of life can live together and grow together. It has the properly defined rules and regulations of the hostel. 

The renowned global competitions and olympiad nurturing Environment.

The best part of Academic Global School is that it provides one-to-one counseling to each individual so that they can handle the stress, pressure of academic, adolescent problems and Depression.

Awareness is a big lack in Indian society and social pressure kills many dreams of the students. And in the end, they fail to take Engineering or Medicines. 

By addressing these issues, counselors help each individual to identify their strengths and weaknesses and give them direction in their careers. 

Academic Global School is a Top 10 School in Gorakhpur that addresses modern issues and delivers a world-class education in Gorakhpur. We are the top 3 ranked schools in Gorakhpur. Our students have made us in the leading popular newspaper many times for their spectacular achievements. Online registration is going on the website for the new session 2022-2023. 

Academic Global School wishes you all the best for your bright future ahead