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The Face To Education in the Academic Session 2022-2023 The Face To Education in the Academic Session 2022-2023

The Face To Education in the Academic Session 2022-2023

Welcome to Academic Global School! An educational institution that is contributing to the new era, a well-organized and established place, to learn and educate future leaders.

Centers For Excellence!

The reputed CBSE School in Gorakhpur as well as awarded the best School in Eastern UP has made it stand uniquely in the eyes of education authorities as well as the public.

AGS was established in 2013 in Gorakhpur under the sponsorship of the Cogito Educational Society. It is a co-educational English medium school from Nursery to Class XII affiliated with CBSE.

COVID-19, a pandemic disease, has had a bad effect on the lives of people since 2020 and has drastically impacted the education system, economy, employment, and many more industries, in fact, the whole world.

Supporting Child Education During COVID-19

AGS has been serving the new-age learners for about more than 10 years and now with the latest facilities and higher recognition in the education field. AGS, as the Best School With Hostel Gorakhpur has become the face of education in 2022 as we have taught so many children and helped them in providing education during the corona times.

We haven’t disrupted the classes during that period as we understand that such a long gap in education learning will have a dramatic effect on the students as well as the country. And so, we started online classes on a daily basis during the lockdown as well.

We look for success in the desirable rank of our students to whom we have worked hard and also make them take intense knowledge to excel in the respective subject as well as suggest them to remain stuck to the topic till they do not get the valid clarification as it might hamper the overall performance, and for better results, revise daily stuff at recurring intervals.

Find a Buddy to Help You Study

We apply varied learning approaches as well as strategies to make every student clear all suspicions while attending the class only because this is a good idea to clear your doubts at the same time as they occur in your mind.

To enhance the cognitive skills of students, we also create discussion rooms where students can interact with each other and indulge in problem-solving activities which is essential for them to boost their reasoning power. 

Moreover, emphasizing Mathematical and Communication skills, we also offer an extensive range of varied extracurricular activities such as cultural, musical, social, and sports, to name a few.

In addition to this, the school is equipped with the latest mod-cons and the best infrastructural facilities as well as delivers an excellent learning environment. 

Educating Students for Success in a Changing World

If you want to give your child an eco-friendly campus with ventilated areas, spacious classrooms, the latest amenities, and high-class infrastructure facilities according to the modern world then, Academic Global School is the right platform to give a different shape to your children's future. 

Our school is secluded and away from the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan cities, free from pollution, and has picturesque surroundings.

The school has one more advantage, we prepare students with the best learning classes within the regular class hours to make them able to crack competitive exams for engineering & medical and for admission in the reputed and top-rated engineering and medical colleges.

Visit now and be the first one to get admitted in this academic year of 2022-2023.