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6 Reasons Why English Medium School Is Best For Your Kids 6 Reasons Why English Medium School Is Best For Your Kids

6 Reasons Why English Medium School Is Best For Your Kids

There are around 2 billion English speakers worldwide, accounting for one-fifth of the global population. English is spoken in some of the world's most economically and culturally influential nations. It has developed over time to become the primary language of international commerce, education, health, research, technology, and legislation.

Its effect, as mentioned, has been on education as well. Nowadays, it is essential to even think about a career dream, and it has been proved according to scientific research that a child will comprehend a language at par and starts learning from a young age. Academic Global school is one of the Top Schools in Gorakhpur UP. There are many advantages of learning in a reputable English Medium English school.

  • One Common Language: Because the country is multilingual, education in English as a universal language will help everybody communicate effectively. Throughout the country, all regulated exams are held in English. Learning in English equips students to interact both inside the country and internationally. People around the globe can communicate using this language, particularly in this era of the Internet.
  • Essential for Tertiary Education: Understanding written and spoken English is preferred by higher education establishments worldwide. Top universities even have application forms and techniques of instruction in English. As a result, at least a rudimentary understanding of the language is required to pursue further study.
  • Technology Favours English: Modern technology includes English as the primary form of communication. Even computer language learning requires proper knowledge of English first. Although certain functionalities are accessible in other languages, English remains the dominating language in technology.
  • Language of Business: The private sector, commonly known as the corporate sector, currently rules the job market. Most occupations here demand proficiency in the English language as a baseline qualification. If your youngster wants to pursue a respectable professional job, they must be proficient in English.
  • Language of the Internet: The Internet can not translate everything we watch, read or listen to into our native languages. It is easier to use the Internet if you know English.

  • Language for Exams/Employment: English is still necessary even if you do not want your child to enter the private sector. Most prominent government job Exams, such as JEE and NEET, need a separate English language exam. Even if you wish to give over your firm to them, English still has an advantage in today's globalized market. With English as a common language, one may interact with consumers and sellers worldwide to grow one's business and earnings.

Having discussed the advantages of the English language, you must have understood its importance. It would have made it clear to you that enrolling your kid in an English Medium School would strengthen their ground. 

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