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How to make children love studies How to make children love studies

How to make children love studies

Handling a child is a very big task in itself. It requires a lot of patience. Parents are required to sit along with the child. Children always try to copy their parents. So, if you will study in front of them, it is obvious that children will also study. The academic global school also provides the best CLAT training in Gorakhpur. It helps that student who wants to be lawyer in the future. So, here are some tips on how to make children love studies:

Reward them:

Teachers should try to reward the student by providing the prize to the student who scores good marks. It will also motivate the other student in the class to study more to get the prize in the class. 

Make it fun:

Children don't love to do the same thing again and again. So try and make fun of the studies. It will help them to study more and will also help them to get the things remembered for a longer period of time. 


The teacher should always give a compliment to the child for giving a correct answer in the class. Even if they answer it wrong, don't scold them and lose their morale, just compliment them for at least trying and making an effort to answer. 

Motivate them to ask questions:

Teachers should motivate the students to ask questions if they have any doubts regarding the topic. They should not be afraid of asking questions in the classroom. If they are afraid of asking questions in front of the class, then they should be motivated to ask personally. 

The habit of reading:

Try to inculcate the habit of reading among the student. It will help them to speak in front of people.

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