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Academic Global School - The Best School With Hostel Facility Academic Global School - The Best School With Hostel Facility

Academic Global School - The Best School With Hostel Facility

Academic Global School is the best CBSE School in Gorakhpur, it focuses on the holistic growth and development of every child. We believe in Aspiring, Aiming, and Achieving the best. The school was established in 2013 and from there on it has worked rigorously in shaping the career and future of children. It was founded under the aegis of Cogito Education Society. Grab the opportunity of admitting your ward to the Best School With Hostel Gorakhpur

Temple of education:

It is not just a school but a temple that preaches students about the importance of values and discipline in life. The school has a team of experienced teachers who are very friendly and understanding. Instead of giving simple lectures, they try to understand the students and teach them in a manner that makes them understand difficult theorems and principles in a very easy manner. At Academic Global School we understand that every child is different and unique, and all of them possess some idiosyncratic skills. This feature makes them the  Best Schools in Gorakhpur.

Every child must be educated:

The school believes that no student should be un availed of education because education is not only important but every child’s right. 

For the students who live far apart from the school, they have built hostels, so that weather friends do not become a hindrance in a child's growth and education. 

Hostel with Hospitality:

The school has a well-built and organized hostel that is separate for both girls and boys. The hostels are hygienic and well-equipped. Here, students will be provided with everything they want. Proper and hygienic foods with nutrition is a priority. Eco-friendly and ventilated environment for a living, spacious room with all the furniture required, and washrooms that are well maintained and hygienic.

The students here are so well treated that it does not make them feel that they are apart from their home, teachers try to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

The admission to the hostel is completely based upon the merit in the admission test conducted by the school. Further, the rooms are allotted to the students by the school for one full academic session. The hostel fees are payable in advance for this duration. 

In the hostel, students need to follow some strict rules for their safety.

  • The parents are allowed to meet their wards only on the specified day, first and third Sunday of the month during the visiting hours. This is exceptional in the case of an emergency.
  • Parents can meet their wards only in the reception area.
  • Parents must make sure that their relatives and other visitors must hold a valid identification card or authority letter, in failure to which they won't be allowed in the school campus or in the hostels.
  • No students living in the hostel are allowed to carry any cash or any plastic money, mobile or sim card, and no valuable things.
  • The school and hostel administration, teacher, and any other authority authorized by the principal will assign consequences for the violence of hostel and school rules and the code of conduct or expected student behaviour.
  • When the student returns from the home after a long illness must bring a fitness certificate from the doctor who has treated.
  • No exemptions will be accepted, all exemptions must be obtained in writing and submitted and recorded with the concerned officials. 
  • Surprise checks will be made by the competent authority appointed by the principal. Extra items other than those formatted by the school will be confiscated.
  • It is mandatory for the parents of the guardians to attend all the parent-teacher meetings for the betterment of their child.
  • Original letters with the signature of parents will only be accepted for any reason.
  • Parents or the guardians of the students will be informed over the telephone in case of emergency or any serious illness/ accident.
  • The school does not accept responsibility, legal or otherwise in case of accident or illness. However, it will take all the necessary precautions to prevent such mishaps.
  • In case of emergency the parents must contact the hostel warden.
  • Parents are not motivated to give any cash or any expensive just to the students.Parents and guardians must ensure that his ward returns to school in time after every vacation or leave.