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Know the Benefits of Best School with Hostel in Gorakhpur Know the Benefits of Best School with Hostel in Gorakhpur

Know the Benefits of Best School with Hostel in Gorakhpur

Let’s get to the worries of a parent, where they constantly tussle over sending their child off to school afar from home. Being a parent, it is tough to give your child a decent education and a home-like environment as well. Then you come across a Best CBSE School in Gorakhpur that provides students with hostel facilities.

We've got you! 

To be honest, no parent wants their child to suffer in silence as a result of the pressures of studies. No worries, we got you!

Hostels that feel like home.

Being the Best CBSE school is stocked with furnished separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. Safety and comfort are the two primary aspects in designing the hostels. Each hostel in the school is self-contained with conveniences.

Academic Global School, Best School with hostel, Gorakhpur.

The hostel has around-the-clock security, with rigid and firm security policies and reposeful rooms where the students build their future in the comfort of home. Each hostel room gives an amicable environment and a pollution-free atmosphere. It is good for the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of the students. That makes us Best School with Hostel Gorakhpur.

Cleanliness is indeed beside Godliness

Our hostels have futuristic washrooms (toilets and bathing space separated). The worker on duty maintains the cleanliness. We have the most avant-garde kitchens so that the children can safely use kitchen equipment when they crave special cuisines.


From late night gossip to cooking Maggie, from washing their own clothes to doing the dishes, life happens and we all grow up. But one thing that stays is the memory of being in a hostel. And those memories stay freshly intact with us, and that time makes a child self-reliant, helps them to become a better person, more independent, and helps them make some genuine friends. A home away from home indeed, where we assist our students with helpful cooperating wardens. We have an environment that keeps the students away from bullies.

Cribs and rooms

The school's Best Hostel in Gorakhpur (separate for boys and girls) contains facilities such as a study area, an indoor games area, and a dining hall with mess. There is a kitchen and a dining space in each hostel (girls and boys separated).

Rules and norms

The consideration of the hostels is authorized by the hostel council, which includes a spokesperson in the workroom of the Head Warden. Functioning through this accountable body, the council members put down suitable rules, protocols, and norms of behavior to tackle the different situations and collective occasions and festivals in the hostels, including the rules for dining space.