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BASE Program Helping Students To Look At The Bigger Picture BASE Program Helping Students To Look At The Bigger Picture

BASE Program Helping Students To Look At The Bigger Picture

Academic Global School is regarded as the Best English Medium School in Gorakhpur and our BASE ( Be Ahead with Sustained Excellence) program for students in classes 9th and 10th.

Often students get entangled in a myopic vision in which they just concentrate all their focus on the present moment and make the mistake of not making an effective plan for the future.

The result is then an unfulfilled life full of regrets, frustration, and dreams that were never realized, drowning in the complex vortex of hopelessness, unemployment, and frustration.

These situations generally arise due to a lack of guidance and the inability to look at the bigger picture of career options beforehand at the start of the career.

As the saying goes, “ Only the best will survive in this competitive world.” Thus, it is very important to dream and also pursue it with a strategic approach to build the foundation effectively.

Using Different Methodologies for Different Subjects

Being one of the Top Schools in Gorakhpur UP, we don’t adhere to a rigid pattern of teaching all the subjects in a similar set of fashion and thus we deploy the different types of tactics to help the students understand the procedure to approach different types of subjects.

This is why, as per the latest trend, there are different teachers for different subjects as each subject has different tonality and different expressions and a separate approach has to be adopted to study Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Also, our curriculum has been designed in such a way that we give a distinct insight into the world of STEM ( Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics) which helps the students in re-evaluating and reorganizing the strategies.

Encouraging Students to Prepare Systematically

The BASE program helps the students to gain access to a wide variety of areas of problem-solving as the degree of complexity of the problems and subjects associated with these books is a bit higher as compared to the course curriculum.

So, in this, the students get hands-on exposure to challenging problems to upgrade their intellectual capacity and then use this practice to good effect in exams.

We also conduct various Home Assignments, phase tests, mock tests, etc. that help the students in gaining a practical insight into the level of precision involved in solving complex problems that come in exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.

The higher-order thinking skills a person comes into use in our BASE program and we encourage the students to take part in the NTSE exam also, which is an Olympiad that is considered the most prestigious exam for class 10th.

The assignments that we give for homework are completely in sync with the syllabus of the competitive exams and our workbooks.

So, the students should not be adhering to just one approach to studying different subjects, instead, they should understand the tone of the subject and then proceed with a separate strategy to excel in these subjects.